Heaş Safety Policy Declaration

HEAŞ Safety Policy Declaration

  • As a company of Sabiha Gökçen Airport, we are aware that primary condition of profitability and efficiency in airports depends on prioritizing safety in our operational businesses. For this reason, when we are providing our services our primary goal is to comply with national and international standards and legislations and we distribute our organization sources in a balanced way within the safety concept while we perform our aviation activities. Therefore we are absolutely determined to develop new strategies and processes, maintain and apply these strategies and improve them in accordance with the developing and changing conditions.
  • Management levels starting from General Manager and all employees, who are within the organization that is established for this reason, are responsible for obtaining highest safety performance.

Our Commitments:

  • As an airport operator, we are aware of all kinds of accident, case and risk that may happen in an airport. For this reason, our goal is to develop our Safety Policy within our Safety Management System, which has been present since the day we were established and was put into operation with our meetings on a monthly basis, and focus on studies to place our personnel, who provide service in all levels and perform their duties within the company, to a more participative position.
  • Besides, within this framework, our another goal is to follow studies concerning the establishment of safety culture and awareness in managers and personnel of institutions that are in the participant position or provide service in our airport, develop these kinds of studies and conduct studies to make safety awareness widespread.
  • We aim to increase safety and reliability level of our airport in light of information obtained through meetings where safety performances such as “Runway Safety Team” and “Ramp Safety Team” are evaluated and organized with the participation of associations in participant position. In this framework, continuation and enhancement of similar studies is of great importance.
  • It is not enough to conduct these studies only within the body of the company. For this reason, we need to develop all possible opportunities by following studies conducted by national and international institutions and take necessary precautions through these studies by assessing all kinds of data that did not occur in our airport but has the possibility to happen.
  • For this purpose, we will prioritize trainings in and out of our organization for raising awareness of the administrative personnel and personnel in the lower positions to follow cases that happen around the world, to minimize these kinds of cases that may happen in our airport and to provide safety of airport, which is declared as our top priority duty.
  • We will provide moral and material sources in relation to the precautions to be taken, support safety management and create an organization culture that promotes safety applications, encourages effective reporting and communication and manages safety in an effective manner.
  • Safety management will be turned into the main responsibility of all managers and personnel. This scope will be expanded for all institutions that serve in our airport in participant status.
  • As an airport operator, responsibilities and accountability concerning the performance of our safety management system and responsibilities and accountabilities concerning the safety performance of the company for all personnel, managers and employees will be explained to the personnel by using various methods.
  • In order to eliminate safety risks of dangers that may arise out of our activities as an operator and minimize these risks to a reasonably low level, we will create and manage danger definition and risk management processes including danger reporting system within the organization. In addition to this, detection of risks concerning safety management at every point of the airport will be conducted coordinatedly by involving operational organizations which provide service in the airport to the Safety Management System that is being conducted in our organization.
  • As long as malpractices do not indicate a major default or non-compliance to the amendments or procedures intentionally, no action will be taken against any employee who explained a safety issue through danger reporting system and this issue will be meticulously followed by the management.
  • In this context, rewarding system has been put into practice to pave the way for these accurate declarations and studies will continue to make this matter widespread based on reactions to be taken.
  • Requirements and standards within laws and amendments will be complied and we will try to rise above this level as long as it is possible.
  • Qualified and educated human resources will be provided to implement safety strategies within the organization and processes. One Safety representative will be assigned for each in-service department by supplier companies.
  • Our safety performance will be established and measured in accordance with realistic safety performance indicators and safety performance targets.
  • Our safety performance will be continuously improved by taking appropriate safety precautions and through effective management processes.
  • We will provide the compliance of systems and services, which will be outsourced for supporting our company, with our safety performance standards.

Our Common Duties:

  • Everyone is responsible for determining safety conditions of their own business, detecting precautions to be taken and reporting them.
  • It is indisputable that primary condition of safety in aviation depends on the fact that everybody has to trust in one another’s working performance. Therefore safety precautions to be taken will affect every personnel that perform his/her duties in that job. For this purpose, common opinions concerning a compatible and safe working environment must be expressed and management must evaluate these opinions.
  • We need to know what is expected from us and we need to fulfill it.
  • We need to understand detected errors, search for their causes and use these findings to improve our safety system.

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