Our Policies

OHS Policy

In order to protect the health and safety of our employees in accordance with national and international law and regulatory rules related to Occupational Health and Safety in the services provided by our company;

  • Our company ensures that activities are carried out safely and securely.

  • Within Occupational Health and Safety Management System based on continuous development together with its employees to prevent the occurrence of occupational accidents and/or occupational diseases the company considers providing a healthy and safe working environment as an integral part of its working culture by taking proactive measures in all processes and activities and eliminating possible dangers.

  • Ensures the supervision of the working environment and the continuity of preventive medical services,

  • Attaches utmost importance to human health in all the operations the company carries out,

  • With a dedication to employee health in all corporate decisions, company acts on the principles of

"No work is urgent and important to endanger the health and safety of the employees" and  "Employee health and safety come first",

  • Carries out activities to increase the awareness and knowledge of its employees about occupational health and safety,

  • Ensures employee satisfaction by evaluating the requests and suggestions of employees as quickly as possible in a fair and impartial approach and with confidentiality in accordance with the laws, regulations and company rules.

Environmental Policy

To take all necessary measures to maintain the ecological balance and minimize the negative effects during the services we perform. When making investment decisions we take into account environmental criteria.

To carry out all necessary training, announcement and awareness-raising activities in order for environmental awareness to be adopted by all our employees, suppliers of goods and services and to make it a philosophy of life.

To share our knowledge and experiences and to contribute to the dissemination of environmental awareness by being an example for our competitors, stakeholders, society and other enterprises in our applications.

Performing the necessary work during our activities, to prevent pollution by means of reduction of natural resource use and waste generation; protection and continuous monitoring of air, soil and water and to determine types and impacts of environmental damage by identifying the environmental dimensions.

To comply with all laws and regulations related to the environment while doing our jobs, to act in the direction of continuous improvement of our environmental health performance, to define and review the goals and objectives in this direction and to explain the progress.

HR Policy

To establish a staff which is aware that “human” is one of the building blocks for providing competitive advantage, is open to innovation, willing to continuously improve and adopted team spirit. 
•    To create opportunities for our employees according to their training needs, which will ensure that they will make both personal and occupational contributions to themselves 
•    To become a “whole” which is respectful to the society and looks out for ethical values and environment.

Quality Policy

As the Operator of Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport;

In order to create value according to the requirements and expectations of our customers and stakeholders with a safe, secure, high-quality and constantly innovative service approach, we hereby undertake:

  • To comply with national and international legislations and to establish our processes in accordance with these legislations while performing all our services at our airport,

  • To define our processes within the scope of our company's policies and strategies, to determine responsibilities, targets, and monitoring methods and to achieve process-based targets by periodically reviewing performance,

  • In accordance with the principles of the quality and safety management system, the company uses resources in the most optimal way, produces the most accurate and fast solutions to prevent any nonconformities that may arise later and ensure the continuity of our activities,

  • To ensure that all necessary processes are established and carried out with a risk-based approach, taking into account threats and opportunities, in order to provide fast, safe, solution-oriented, timely and uninterrupted service,

  •  Considering the profitability of our company, every effort will be made to develop airport activities,

  •  To use the modern methods, technologies, information and management systems required by today and to provide the necessary integration by conducting the necessary research and investment for this purpose,

  • To ensure that employee satisfaction, loyalty and motivation are kept high with training programs that continuously support the personal and professional development of our employees,

  • To provide our employees with the necessary physical and social working environment in order to continuously improve the quality of service and ensure customer satisfaction by closely following the developments in the rapidly developing aviation sector,

  • Continuous quality improvement in all activities and for all employees will be considered an integral part of the company's business planning and organizational goals,

  • Principles of safety, life safety, reliability, punctuality, low cost, common understanding, effective communication and corporate image will be adopted by the company's management and operating personnel and we will perform our duties according to our values and objectives and we will ensure understanding, implementation and sustainability of our policy,

  • Being a company that is open to international initiatives, a candidate to lead the entire aviation industry in the future with our modern and constantly renewing image.

General Manager