Privacy Policy

While you use HEAŞ web site, you share some of your personal information with us. HEAŞ protects your privacy under the rules below.

Some of the information that you give to HEAŞ web site are obligatory information (such as e-mail, IP) while some of them are information that you give approval for us to access depending upon your choice.  HEAŞ may store this information as long as it wishes and even though this information is deleted by you.

Although HEAŞ pays strict attention to protect your information, it has no responsibility in cases of intrusion into the system where your information is stored without permission and obtainment, modification or deletion of your information by distorting or changing the operation of the system.

Even though your information is not used in a manner against any laws or other legislations, HEAŞ web site shall send your IP and membership information that it is liable to keep for a definite period of time to the relevant authorities only in cases when it is required by law and it is requested in conformity with the procedure by the related authorities.

“Cookies” or similar tracking data may be placed on your computer while you are in the web site. Cookies are simple text files and do not contain any personal or other information; however, it can store session information and other similar information and they can be used to recognize you again. 

This document may be updated and arranged without making any prior notice when new features are added to the website or with the recommendations of our users. For this reason, we recommend you to review privacy policy every time you visit HEAŞ web site.