Useful Links


General Directorate of Civil Aviation
There is information about aviation sector, legislation and contact information.

General Directorate of State Airports Authority
It is responsible for air transportation, operation of airports, providing ground services, execution of air traffic control services, establishment and operation of navigation system and other facilities and establishment and operation of other facilities and systems related with these activities.

Airport Haber
It includes Up-to-Date Civil Aviation news.

Online Radar
All planes aboard and their information (route, flight number, plane model, speed, height, and distance) can be monitored live.

Research Centers

History and publications of Tubitak, scientific magazines, everything about science and technology are on this website.

Turkish Academy of Sciences
It includes general information about Turkish Academy of Sciences, members, scientific publications and scholarships.

Marmara Research Center
It includes information about its history, roles, organizational structure, relations with other research institutes and education services.

Earthquake Research Department
It includes information about the department, earthquakes, what needs to be done in case of an earthquake and recent earthquakes.

National Library Department
It provides connections to various libraries and opportunities to search for catalogs and information for various publications.

Higher Education Institution
It includes information about universities, OSYM, YOK, education and diploma.


Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade
There is information about Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, legislation and institutions of the undersecretariat.

Undersecretariat of Treasury
There is information about Undersecretariat of Treasury, legislation, economic program, insurances and financial institutions.

Central Bank
There is information about legislation, Turkish Lira, Central bank of the Turkish Republic and exchange rates.

Capital Markets Board
There is information about the role of Capital Markets Board, legislation, organization and affiliated institutions and companies.

State Institutions and Organizations

Undersecretariat of Defense Industry

National Security Council and Secretariat-General of National Security Council  

Turkish General Staff

Constitutional Court

Supreme Court

Council of State

Land Forces Command

NavalForces Command

Air Forces Command

Gendarmerie General Command

Coast Guard Command

Council of Higher Education

Courts of Accounts

Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade  

Undersecretariat of Treasury

Radio and Television Supreme Council  

Central Bank

Competition Authority

Prime Ministry Privatization Administration  

Capital Markets Board  

Department of Religious Affairs

Supreme Audit Board

State Personnel Presidency

Turkish Atomic Energy Authority  

Turkish State Theatres  

Ministry of Justice, Criminal Registration and Statistics  

General Directorate of Security

Turkish Statistical Institute

State Planning Organization

National Library  

General Directorate of State Archives

National Intelligence Organization  

Turkish Radio and Television Corporation  

Social Security Institution

Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency

Important Websites On Health

TR Ministry of Health
You can get information about health, statistics, medicine prices and tenders.

TR Ministry of Health General Directorate of Personnel
Information about legislation, assignments, announcements and service point.

Turkish Red Crescent First Aid Training Official Website
It includes first aid information.

TR General Directorate for Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy
There is information about medicine prices and medicine usage.

TR Ministry of Health – Website for Flu
This website is prepared by TR Ministry of Health General Directorate of Basic Health Services.

Some Websites

Teknopark İstanbul
It is being established on approximately 250-hectare area as an enterprise of Undersecretariat Defense Industry. Click for detailed information.


Traffic Control Center- Cameras

Traffic Control Center – Route Calculation

Traffic Control Center – Intensity Map


TR State Railways

Culture And Art

TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Official website of TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism

İBB Kültür A.Ş. - İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Information about activities and culture centers in Istanbul.

Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts
Information about international Istanbul festivals, history, sponsors and projects.

Cultural Contact Point
Culture Program is being conducted by Ministry of Culture and Tourism. For this reason, Cultural Contact Point is established within Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums

İstanbul State Opera and Ballet

General Directorate of State Theatres Web Site

İstanbul Art House
Famous Painters Encyclopedia and Works