Our Policies

OHS Policy

In order to protect health and safety of our employees in the services that we provide according to national and international law and regulating rules on Occupational Health and Safety our company;

  • Allows activities to be performed in a safety and secured way,
  • Considers creating a safety and healthy working environment as an inseparable part of our working culture by taking proactive precautions in all processes and activities and eliminating all possible dangers within an Occupational Health and Safety Management System which is based on continuous development with its employees to prevent occupational accidents and/or occupational diseases; and provides continuity in preventive medicine works and in monitoring working environment,
  • Gives highest priority to human in all operations that it conducts,
  • Acts with the principles "No work is urgent or important to put the health and life safety of workers into risk" and "Health of employee and occupational safety come first" by moving from the value given to human in his all decision,
  • Conducts works to increase the awareness and consciousness on employee's occupational health and safety,
  • And provides employee satisfaction by evaluating their demands and offers as soon as possible according law, regulation and company rules in a fair and objective approach and in secret.

Our Environment Policy

Taking all kinds of precautions to minimize negative effects and maintain the ecological balance during our services.

Considering environment criteria when we take decisions for investments.

Conducting all training, announcement and consciousness-raising activities required for adoption of environmental awareness by our employees and suppliers and for turning environment awareness into a lifestyle.

Serving as a model for our rivals, partners, society and other companies, contributing to make environment awareness widespread and sharing our experience and information.

Making effort to decrease use of natural sources and waste production during our activities, preventing pollution by monitoring air, soil and water continuously and taking necessary actions to protect them, determining the damages and types of environment effects by detecting environmental aspects.

Obeying all laws and regulations concerning environment during our business, taking actions to improve our environment health performance continuously and announcing our developments by revising and determining our purposes and goals in this direction.

Quality Policy

Our Quality Standards:

  • Security of Life, which is top priority in our company activities.
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality
  • Low Costs
  • Common Opinion
  • Corporate Image

These notions are quality standards of our company.

Quality Activity:

Our quality activities are composed of safe working conditions and protecting the environment. These values shall be under constant control by taking the profitability of the company into consideration and all kinds of efforts shall be made in order to develop the activity of the company.

Our Image:

An autonomous and contemporary company that

  • makes profit,
  • Is open to international developments and renew itself continuously, and
  • May lead the all aviation industry in the future.

Our Quality Notions:

Our quality notions to comply these standards are defined as follows:

  • Definition : Compliance to Requirements
  • System : Prevention
  • Performance Standard : Zero Error
  • Measurement : Cost of low quality

Cooperation in the company shall be based on the reliability. Each personnel shall regard each other as supplier and customer. Constantly controlled and developed organization and working procedures are essential to achieve this.

Achieving our quality goals shall be the common purpose of all personnel. The most important prerequisite is to constantly develop our quality and keep it quality up-to-date.

Our Common Duties:

  • Everyone is responsible for the quality of his/her own business.
  • Everybody has to trust in one another’s working performance; therefore everybody is each other’s supplier and customer.
  • Buyers shall be regarded as customers whether they are from the company or not.
  • We need to know what is expected from us and we need to fulfill it.
  • We need to understand detected errors, search for their causes and use these findings to improve our quality system.

Therefore quality is a necessity for us to meet the expectations above and develop our company.

HEAŞ General Manager

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