General Manager's Message

The Civil Aviation Sector of our country which have been in a great leap had showed 132% increase in commercial flights, 194% in the number of passengers and 126% in the carried cargo in the last ten years (2006-2015). The total domestic- international flight passenger count which was 149.430.421 in 2013 rose to 165.720.234 with 10,9% increase in 2014. In 2015 it rose to 181.074.531 with 9,3% increase. According to the results that have been announced by the Airports Council International (ACI), according to the year 2014 passenger data Sabiha Gökçen Airport became the second in Europe with 27% growth. In 2015, it became the airport that grows fastest in its own category with 19,7% growth. İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, with this success, obtained the title of "Fastest Growing Airport" for 7 successive years since 2009.  In the analyses that have been conducted for the upcoming years, it is foreseen that this development will continue with similar increases.

Related to all those developments; our airport which provides services in İstanbul which is considered to be the center of the plane and passenger traffic in our country came to position that it provides services for more and more passengers and traffic each passing day; and the number of businesses that we serve continues to grow quickly. Throughout Turkey, since 2012, it outdistanced many existing airports and became the second in domestic passenger traffic after Atatürk Airport with 9,5 million passengers; this number reached to 12 million in 2013, 15 million in 2014, and 18,5 million in 2015. Looking at those developments; this alignment will not easily change in the upcoming years. Also, our airport is in the third rank in terms of international flights passenger count. Correspondingly to this increase in passengers, the plane traffic service that we provide for the businesses reached to (2015 data) 136.732 in domestic flights and 81.894 in international flights, this shows a corresponding increase with the passengers.

In order to keep up with this fast development, as the General Manager of HEAŞ, the development activities in our airport continues non-stop. Our aircraft stand which reached to its full capacity now, was increased to 69 in 2013 (13 aircraft stands are in Cargo Apron); and 11 more aircraft stands were added in 2014. The service that we provide for take-off and landing in one airstrip is about to reach its full capacity against the increased demand. Thus, in 2014, the first phase tender for second airstrip construction was conducted and the construction works has begun in 2015.  It is planned that the rest of the work that is necessary for the construction of the second airstrip will be performed by DHMİ within this year. Therefore, after the completion of the second airstrip, our aircraft stand will increase incrementally. Also, aside from the one maintenance center (My -Technic) that can provide technical maintenance service to the planes in various sizes and different types, in 2013, a second maintenance center (THY HABOM) was added which is newer and more modern and can provide services for bigger planes. Again, a new hangar and Apron expansion works for planes with less capacity such as business-jet and training planes has been completed in 2014. Genel Havacılık Apron region and Genel Havacılık Hangar which was put into service in 2015 are operated by Genel Havacılık A.Ş. 

Our airport does not only carry out works for increasing the existing capacities but also it continues in full speed to its works for new technological developments for flight safety that have been brought to use in whole world. In this scope, in order to minimize the ground phenomena in the procurement works for ground radar system has been completed. Also, our second airstrip is being planned in a way that will include the technical systems which will be able to land and take off even in the poorest ground visibilities, and also, the length and the width of the airstrip will provide opportunity to land and take off to all planes with large bodies. 

Our fundamental purpose as the employees of the General Directorate of HEAŞ is to provide the safety and the most comfortable service within the frame of the developing technologies to all the businesses that receive service in our airport. In this scope, putting those opportunities and new developments into practice in our country will be our fundamental principle in the upcoming years.

HEAŞ General Director